Features: Peerio


Chat for individuals and teams

Quick and easy, with no SMS fees. Create rooms for dedicated groups or purposes: projects, departments, or planning the next party.

Up to 500 GB cloud storage

Your files are backed up in the cloud, so you can freely download, upload, and delete files from your phone without ever permanently losing access. Save your phone from the dreaded “Out of storage”.

File sharing and management

Documents, spreadsheets, images, 4K videos, VR projects — share anything you like. Keep everyone up to speed with shared folders. Stay organized with a dedicated file manager so you don’t have to endlessly scroll through your chat history to find that report you received two months ago.

Works on desktop and mobile

Pick up where you left off. Seamless sync across devices, and access your full chat history on any device, anywhere. Losing your phone no longer means losing your data.

Built with privacy in mind

Sign-up with just your email. Avoid making your phone number public and possibly leaking onto the internet. Also, do you really want to give Jim from accounting the chance to call you at 10:37 PM on a Wednesday night?

End-to-end encryption

Everything inside the app is encrypted by default. It’s only accessible to you and the recipient of your file or message–no exceptions, not even us. And if a super villain with a super computer would try to crack that encryption, it would take’em an easy 5.7 sextillion years (a five with 21 zeros).

Why Peerio?

  • Constant verification of your contacts so you always know who you’re talking to.
  • Unlimited chat history so you don’t lose a message, ever.
  • Instant message synchronization to easily switch between phone and computers.
  • Full encryption keeps sensitive messages and files secure.
  • A dedicated file manager to keep tabs on which files you shared and with whom.
  • Securely store up to 500 GB.
  • No phone number needed so you don’t receive creepy phone calls.
  • Sign up and start collaborating within 5 minutes.